Status of Women's Councils

In 1975, International Women’s Year, a group of women interested in stopping domestic violence formed the Central Newfoundland Status of Women Council (CNSWC). At first, the community perceived them as being fairly radical. By the time the Council hosted the annual Provincial Conference of the Status of Women Councils in 1979, they had gained more acceptance. But they were still not able to build enough community support to build a transition house in their community, so they began supporting the Gander Status of Women Council to establish one in Gander.

In 1984, the CNSWC opened the Demasduit Women’s Centre. However, they were forced to close it within two years because of a shortage of funds and volunteers. Still in almost eleven years of existence, the CNSWC was successful in raising awareness of women’s issues in the community, such as domestic violence and problems with matrimonial property and women’s unemployment benefits.

Happily, the CNSWC was re-established in Grand Falls in 1999 and has remained very active in the community since then.