Grade 4 Health Lesson Plans

LESSON 1: Women Make A Difference

Time Frame:
Two 40-minute periods

Specific Curriculum Outcome:
Students will be expected to:

Lesson Objective:
To identify positive role models using the Let’s Teach About Women website and to use this information to identify positive role models in their personal lives. 

Skills and Processes:
In this lesson students will

Students will use discussion, research, and writing skills to identify female role models. This activity will lead students to identify female role models in their personal lives.

Activity 1

Students will engage in a class discussion using the following questions as a suggested guide:

Activity 2

Teachers will divide their class into small groups and have the students research the Let’s Teach About Women website to find examples of positive role models. A matrix is provided for students to record their information.

Activity 3

Teachers will instruct students to transfer the information from the matrix onto strips of coloured cardboard and post onto the bulletin board.

LESSON 2: Women Make A Difference (con’t)

Activity 4

Teachers will instruct students to read about each role model and to decide which one he/she would like to model. Students can then write a journal entry explaining their choice.

Activity 5

Teachers will invite students to participate in the construction of a class mobile featuring females who are strong role models in their lives. They will give reasons for their choices.

Assessment Ideas:
Teachers can evaluate students on their ability to:

Teachers could instruct students to interview a female role model in their personal lives.