Transition Houses

From calls coming into the Womenís Centre, the Newfoundland Status of Women Council (NSWC, later known as the St. Johnís Status of Women Council) soon determined there was an urgent need for a shelter for abused women and their children in St. Johnís. In 1975, they submitted a proposal for a transition house to the provincial government, but it was turned down. It took them six more years of lobbying and fundraising before it was able to open a transition house in St. Johnís 1981. This shelter became known as Iris Kirby House in memory of Iris Kirby and is still in operation today.

Several other Status of Women Councils followed suit and began or supported transition houses in their own regions. Among these were the Corner Brook Transition House opened in 1983 and Libra House opened in 1986 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.