St. Johnís Rape Crisis and Information Centre

St.Johnís Rape Crisis and Information Centre began in 1977 as project of the Newfoundland Status of Women Council (NSWC, later known as the St. Johnís Status of Women Council). Efforts to set it up were spearheaded by Diane Duggan, who became its first coordinator. The Centre was first located in the NSWCís Women Centre and began its Rape Crisis Line in 1978. By 1979 the Rape Crisis Centre became an autonomous organization, but remained affiliated with the NSWC for many years.

Today, the Rape Crisis Centre is known as the Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre and operates a toll-free, provincial crisis line for victims of sexual assault. It services are still needed. As of 2004, Newfoundland and Labrador had the highest rate of reported sexual assault in the Atlantic Provinces.